Free geoinformation service for agriculture

New service developed by “CenterProgramSystem” company which is leading geo information system developer and IT system integrator within farming industry. 

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AgroVisio electronic field maps

AgroVision database includes digitized field maps of 26 mln. ha in area within 21 Russian territorial entities. 

Completely digitized area:
  • Belgorod region
  • Krasnodar krai
  • Rostov region
  • Tambov region
  • Moscow region
  • Stavropol Territory
  • Primorsky krai
  • Kamchatsky krai
Partially digitized:
  • Saratov region
  • Chuvash Republic
  • Tomsk region
  • Voronezh region
  • Altai region
  • Kirov region
  • Kostroma region
  • Lipetsk region
  • Nizhniy Novgorod region 
  • Orenburg region
  • the Republic of Bashkiria
  • the Republic of Dagestan
  • the Republic of Mordovia

NDVI monitoring services

Agro Visio works with space monitoring service. This service is based on vegetation database of RF and neighboring countries. This database is updated in near-real time mode and based on ERS-results. Any region within this database has daily updated data from the beginning of 21st century to the present day.

GLONASS/GPS monitoring systems

Mobile application AgroVisio

Mobile application AgroVisio has tools for geo-referenced photo-and-video records of events by using a smartphone or tablet PC.   You can attach a description to image or video. If network available all data are transferred to service database, saved and could be looked through by user with geotags.

Mobile application AgroVisio

Commercial opportunities of service 

Commercial opportunities of service are based on integrated GIS service “AgroTechnology” developed by “CPS” company

AgroTechnology: Electronic maps

You can make an order for individual electronic maps of fields and cadaster plots. You can also use your own electronic maps.

AgroTechnology: Consolidation of GLONASS/GPS systems

It is possible to connect the unlimited number of agricultural machinery units for field works monitoring. Consolidation of any machinery monitoring systems.

AgroTechnology: Precision farming

The service accesses onboard computers installed on agricultural machinery (CLAAS, John Deere, CASE, Amazone, New Holland) to receive current information on seeds, plant protection products, fertilizers, herbicides, and to generate yield maps.

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commercial opportunities of service

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